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About Us

Bea Bags was started about 7 years ago by Ruth Hannett and Sharon Chin from their kitchen tables.  The company has now grown and they each have a studio, one in North London and one in Suffolk.  

It all started when they were sitting on a beach in Suffolk with their big blue bags from that big blue (and yellow) shop, and they thought "wouldn't it be nice to have a beach bag made out of beautiful oil cloth?" so they started making them!

They design all their products and select feminine, elegant and pretty fabrics, which compliment their bags and accessories.

They have just opened this online shop and are very excited about it!

If there is a product you would like, but is not pictured in the fabric you want, please feel free to drop them an email, and as everything is made here in the UK, there shouldn't be a problem accommodating you.



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